Jamiyah Welfare Fund – Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP)

Jamiyah Welfare Fund (JWF) was formed in 2015. It was given IPC (Institution of Public character) status by the Commissioner of Charities with UEN: T15CC00013G.

To expand its welfare programs and services, it engaged LadderPro Pte Ltd in December 2017 to raise funds under a face-to-face fund-raising model. Such interaction with prospective donors helps to explain the multiplicity of activities that JWF engages in on a daily basis to help the under-privileged section of society regardless of race and religion.


Background of Jamiyah Welfare Fund

Jamiyah Welfare Fund is a charity and IPC that serves the social and welfare needs of the community regardless of race or religion. It serves the social and welfare programmes and services, including the running of welfare homes such as Jamiyah Children’s Home, Jamiyah Nursing Home, Jamiyah Home for the Aged, Jamiyah Halfway House, Educational centres, Counselling centres, Free medical and legal clinics, Food Bank, etc.

What is the JWF Direct Debit Donor Programme? (DDDP)

DDDP is a donation programme especially designed for members of the public who are interested to support JWF’s programme and services.

How does JWF promote DDDP?

DDDP is promoted face to face. It is an accessible and friendly method of giving members of the public a chance to find out more about JWF’s beneficiaries and community work.  DDDP is promoted at various places that includes events, shopping malls, bus and MRT interchange and home-to-home visits around Singapore. This face-to-face approach also makes it easier for those who do not have the opportunity to contribute through h other channels to express their support.

Why doesn’t JWF use its own staff or volunteers for DDDP?

As the costs to set up and train a large team and deploy them island wide to interact with donors are very high.  JWF has partnered with a professional fund-raising group LadderPro Pte Ltd who specializes in face-to-face marketing. LadderPro Pte Ltd will represent Jamiyah Welfare Fund to raise funds for the under-privileged and needy beneficiaries of all races and faiths in Singapore.

How can you be certain that when a stranger who approaches you on the street for donations, is a staff of LadderPro Pte Ltd?

All representatives of LadderPro Pte Ltd will wear Jamiyah Welfare Fund t-shirt attire, carry an ID badge and a copy of the Collectors’ Certificate of Authority (CCA) issued by National Council of Social Service (NCSS). This certificate is a permit that states the name and NRIC of all fundraisers who are representatives of JWF. If there is any doubt or concern, JWF can be contacted at 6323 2012 as well as LadderPro Pte Ltd at 6557 0120 providing the full name or ID badge number of the representative that you wish to verify.

Does all the money go directly to JWF?

Yes. 100% of all the funds raised go directly to JWF. DDDP is a safe and convenient way for members of the public to donate to us as we only accept credit card transactions and all the monies are credited directly into JWF bank account. JWF pays a fee for the work done by LadderPro Pte Ltd Each year, JWF allocates a budget for various fundraising activities: special events, direct mailers and so forth. It is from this pre-allocated, strictly approved budget that this fee is paid. This fee is within the NCSS guidelines.

How will these funds help JWF in providing for the underprivileged society?

The funds raised are used by JWF for its operations and programmes to support the underprivileged and disadvantaged families and Residents in the homes. Such services will include programmes that focus on helping the poor and needy get back on their feet, providing food rations and welfare services for the benefit of the community regardless of race or religion.

How much is the monthly, 6-monthly or annual donation?

Monthly donations start at S$60 per month (only $2 per day) and this amount will go a long way towards our programmes to support and benefit the poor, needy and low-income families.

Can I make a one-time donation? How can I make a one-time donation?

Every donation is important for us to continue our work and provide the services to our beneficiaries at a subsidised rate. Consistent funding is needed to sustain these initiatives. Hence, under the DDDP we encourage donors to make recurring contributions that they are comfortable with. If a donor prefers to make a one-time donation, we would be most grateful as well.

Should you be keen to donate on a one-time basis only, you can do so by:

1) Making an online donation here


2) Send us a cheque made payable to “Jamiyah Singapore” at the address below with your name and contact number on the back of the cheque to facilitate processing.

Who can I contact for further enquiries?

E-mail Us: info@jamiyah.org.sg

Call us: (65) 6323 2012

Address: Jamiyah Headquarters

31 Lorong 12 Geylang

Singapore 399006