Significance of Jamiyah's logo

Green is the color of Nature and this symbolises the Deen al Fitrah, the Religion of Nature which is Islam. It also underlines the fact that we have to play our role as the Khalifah fil Ard or Vicegerent on Earth.

The outer circle is the Circle of the Universe and the Family of Creatures of which we are part.The inner circle is the Circle of the Ummat Muhammad, the Middle and Moderating community of believers striving to actualise its role amidst contemporary realities.The Crescent and Star symbolise the holistic universe of Islam with its history, its civilizations, its vision while the Minaret stands for the continuing Mission for humanity and God.

Vision / Mission


Jamiyah envisions to achieve its mission by striving continuously in line with its stated goals and objectives and by planning and implementing relevant programmes and services with the cooperation of its members and the general public form all strata of Society regardless of race or religion.


The objective of the fund is to serve the social and welfare needs of the community regardless of race or religion. The fund will be used to finance the social and welfare programmes and services, including the running of welfare homes and related projects.